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SOMO-II Arduino Library
An Arduino library to communicate with a SOMO-II module to play MP3 files.
Set up the required Serial object based on the pin connections
you are using. Remember that the `TX` pin on the microcontroller board should
be connected to the `RX` pin on the SOMO-II board, and vice-versa.
RX (Arduino) ----------------- TX (SOMO-II)
TX (Arduino) ----------------- RX (SOMO-II)
When connecting to arbitrary pins on the Arduino, you'll need to use SoftwareSerial
to create a secondary serial connection.
In your Arduino Sketch, include and construct both the `SoftwareSerial` and `SOMO_II` items:
#include <SoftwareSerial.h>
#include <SOMO_II.h>
#define RX_PIN 8 // connect to SOMO-II TX
#define TX_PIN 8 // connect to SOMO-II RX
// set up a new serial object
SoftwareSerial mySerial = SoftwareSerial(RX_PIN, TX_PIN);
SOMO_II mp3 = SOMO_II(mySerial);
Or, if the SOMO-II is connected to a spare hardware serial port:
#include <SOMO_II.h>
SOMO_II mp3 = SOMO_II(Serial1);
Start both the serial port at the required baud rate, and then call `SOMO_II::begin()`
during the setup function:
This will start the SOMO-II module and set the volume to the mid-level.
Playing MP3 files
In it's simplest form, you can call `playTrack(track_num)` to play tracks based on
the order they were copied onto the storage media, but if the tracks are arranged
into numbered folders (eg. `001`) and the files have preceding numbers (eg.
`001file.mp3`), then the `playFile(folder_num, file_num)` function is a little
more useful.
To change the volume, there are `volUp()` and `volDown()` functions to step up or
down the volume range (0–30) in increments of 1, or the `setVol(volume_level)` to
set it to a specific value.
The functions are intended to be used with `feedback()` on (`feedback(true)`),
currently the default, and they will then return a value based on if they are
successful (`SOMO_OK`) or not, and will return the error code.
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