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......@@ -4,3 +4,24 @@ Course materials for the Intermediate Microcontrollers course.
* [Course text](
* [Example sketches](red_peg/examples/)
To install the examples and the red_peg library, copy the `red_peg`
folder into your Arduino Sketchbook folder (eg. `My Documents/Arduino/libraries`).
Then close all open Arduino IDE windows and reopen. The examples will be listed
under `File → Examples → Red-Peg`.
## Required libraries
To run all the examples, you may need to install other dependent libraries.
Some are available in the Arduino Libraries manager:
* [Lewis]( to run `a_morse`,
* [MCP342x]( to run `b_temp_mon`,
* [RTClib]( to run `set_the_time`,
But the [SdFat]( library (required for `sd_read_write`
and `rp_sd_logger`) is only available by direct download. To install,
[download the zip file](
and copy the `SdFat` folder *inside* `SdFat-master` into the Arduino Libraries
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